/ˈkam(‘)l eci-ous/

A term used to describe a delightful drinkable food supplement derived from camels!

History – It’s been around since eons, literally!

Generations and generations of African, Middle Eastern, Afro-American and Asian tribes have been consuming camel milk for ages – in harsh, unforgiving climates, mind you. They figured out long, long ago that the nutritional elements present in camel milk are unmatchable.

This very belief that ‘any internal disease can be cured by drinking camel milk’ has transcended into the modern times and it’s no surprise that the demand for the beverage is on the rise globally.


One shoe fits all camel milk – The miracle!

With all its antibacterial, antiviral and non-allergenic therapeutic qualities, milk sourced from camels is perfect for convalescing patients and is known to cure, prevent or significantly improve the health of people suffering from

Protein 46%
Vitamin B2 50.3%
Vitamin C 37.7%
Vitamin B1 25.6%
Calcium 10%
Vitamin A 9.7%
Vitamin D 6.9%
Vitamin E 6.2%

What makes camel milk a ‘must-have’ superfood milk?

The fact that camel milk is nutrient-heavy and holds the key to health and well-being makes it a to-die-for probiotic food supplement. A superior source of vitamin C, iron, calcium, B vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, copper, magnesium, manganese, potassium, zinc and sodium, camel milk is, without doubt, a superfood.

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God’s own creation

The lip lickin’ good superfood

Camel milk – More than just a beverage

Now available in India – Drink healthy, live healthy!

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Camel milk – The complete diet

Imagine a stress-free, time-efficient and simple way to improve the quality of your life… Just gulping down this low on fat, low on cholesterol, creamy, refreshing, easy-to-digest drink everyday can make way for a better, fitter and happier body.
The humped beverage is your gateway to being healthy!

About Camelicious

Camelicious, an ISO22000 certified organization, is a leading producer, manufacturer, distributor and exporter of camel milk products. We pride ourselves in being recognized as the first Halal camel milk in the world by the Malaysian Halal Authority.

We’re bringing the real taste of pure Arabian camel milk to India with our widely-acknowledged camel milk powder to tickle your taste buds!

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What’s the world saying about camel milk?

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