Our Story

and then Camelicious was born!

Many years ago, a few good men in Dubai resolved to make the world healthier and happier place by sharing the secret of the deserts – nourishing natural wholesome camel milk! And thus began the long journey towards the rainbow!

The Pot of Gold!

Camel Milk in India

And Camelicious grew and grew!


Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products (EICMP) was established.


EICMP was awarded the Malaysian Halal certification as well as export permit.


Camelicious took the first step to reach out to the rest of world and earned the coveted EU Commission approval to export its products to the EU zone.


A star is born .Camelicious was established to take these magical products to the world.


Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products (EICMP) was established.

More than two decades ago

an idea was germinated and research began to establish benefits of the camel milk.

Our cornerstones!

Our Promise

We commit to making products that are of highest quality and made responsibly because we won’t have it any other way! It’s our promise to our people and to the environment.

The bounties of camel milk

Camelicious Camel Milk in India

Camelicious Camel Milk Farm

Our Home

Emissaries for healthy world

We stand by our belief that camel milk is the answer to world’s health concerns.

We see our role as messengers and advocates of camel milk benefits to the community and world at large.

Camelicious UAE


We have been stamped!

Besides UAE, European Union has already given us their stamp of approval and we now reach out to various EU countries with Camelicious products. Know more about us

Kuwait, Jordan, United Kingdom, Austria and Malaysia have welcomed us with open arms.

This milk is 24 karat!

Camelious milk is the best and the purest milk in the world! It is so because the EICMP processing facility in Dubai boasts of sophisticated leading edge technology in the world. This well designed facility not only meets the most rigorous quality standards but makes every drop of camel milk ever so precious. Learn more about our research on camel milk

You don’t have to take our word for it! So here is the written word!


The claims made on this page about camel milk and its potential benefits are based on research, studies, laboratory testing, and customers’ experiences. It should not be considered as medical advice.