Never skip your New Year Resolutions again!

What is the toughest thing in the world to do? Waking up at the first ring of your alarm bell isn’t the toughest, we’re afraid. And no, adding squats or crunches to your workout is not tough enough, nor is abstinence from shopping. Imagine something even tougher… Perhaps sticking to your New Year Resolutions for the whole year!

Remember the essay you wrote in school titled, “My New Year Resolutions for …”? Do you remember how long you stuck to them? Yes, we were kids at one point of time, but who can win the war against the post-Christmas festivities and the lack of willpower triggered by winters (that act pretty villainous at times!)

Guys, fret not! New Year’s round the corner and there is still some hope for humanity’s obsession with New Year Resolutions to turn into something truly productive. Let’s help you defeat the willful intentions of these tempting winters.

Read along for some of the coolest New Year Resolution hacks to emerge all-victorious in 2016! (more…)