Camel Milk For Autism – Nature’s Gift To Mankind

What does the love-filled heart of a doting parent ache for? Perhaps the delightful laughter of their kid… Or maybe a comforting hug accompanied by “I Love You”? Parents wish for good health and happiness for their kids, and dream to nurture their kids with love and happiness.

While weaving amazing dreams for the future of their kids, the world of parents of nearly 15 million autistic patients in India comes crashing down! No parent is prepared to handle the nightmarish situation where their kids are diagnosed with autism.

Does this painful scenario sound like your own story? If yes, let’s bring the sunshine back into your lives! (more…)

Gift a Smile to Your Child – Fighting Autism with Camel Milk!

Autism is the world’s third most common developmental disorder. The numbers are raising alarmingly – 700,000 autistic people in the U.K, 1 child in every 68 American children is autistic while India has close to 15 million autistic patients.  As parents, it is a heartbreaking diagnosis that sets the path for searching alternatives to ease the pain and make life easier for your child.  It is a roller coaster ride – sometimes you just don’t get why turning on the lights or humming of the refrigerator “sets off the child”. (more…)