Camel Milk – The New Hope for Kids with Food Allergies!

Two year and half year old Rahul stuffed more cake in his mouth than he could take, at a birthday party. In no time his face became red, he had inflamed skin and nasal congestion. Fortunately Rahul’s mother rushed him to the doctor immediately where he was diagnosed with severe egg allergy.  Milk, soy, wheat, nuts, fish, eggs and shellfish are some common food allergies in children. Food allergy is an abnormal response to a food, set off by the body’s immune system. As a parent you need to be alert towards the symptoms of food allergy because the response can be mild or life-threatening. Besides this, you also need to ensure that your child gets all essential nutrients he misses out due to allergies, in order to avoid deficiencies and retardation in growth.


Camel Milk – A Desert Elixir Transcending to Become the Next Superfood

Despite having no technical definition, super-food has become quite a buzzword in the food and health industry. The association of the term with a number of foods has promoted their sales. So, what are super-foods? These are nutritionally dense food items that augment your overall well-being sans any harmful toxins.

With so many different super-foods available, how to make the right choice? Imagine a deliciously nutritious super-food that lowers your cholesterol, keeps heart diseases at a bay, and has no side-effects. Oh, and did we mention how it keeps you youthfully young? So why not simply stock up on a lifetime supply!

This is no dream. Camel’s milk is the delicious new ingredient to have caught the fancies of Indian market. Justifying camel milk superfood status, camel milk has some of the most amazing health benefits. Read along to know more about the most compelling reasons camel milk is your new super-food: (more…)

Camelicious – The World’s Leading Camel Milk Brand Now in India

Often described as the “Ship of the desert”, Camels have been part of the desert nomadic tribe’s culture for ages. Camel herders often survived for days only by drinking camel milk. Camels are of two types -single humped Dromedary or double humped Bactrian. Both are natives to the desert areas of Asia and northern Africa and both are still used as source of meat and milk for the nomadic tribes. (more…)