Camel Milk.

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What’s so good about camel milk?



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Camelicious taste, eh?

Good question! Having been exposed to cow’s milk all your life, is it easy to switch to camel milk?

Well, yes, but it will take some getting used to. Camel milk, in its purest form, tastes a little salty. Regular drinkers reckon it is smooth and natural in taste, unlike the distinctive tang of goat or sheep milk.


Camel Milk Natural Superfood, you say?

Absolutely. If ever you were on the lookout for a superfood that’s delightful in taste, great for your immune system, and easy to include in your daily diet, you’re in for a treat.

If we were to compare it with cow milk or any other milk, the results would be eye-popping. Here’s a glimpse of why camel milk beats your regular milk hands down


Need more reasons?

Inquisitive, aren’t you? If the hoofed beast’s milk hasn’t caught your fancy yet, here are some additional reasons to seriously consider consuming it

Considered ideal for health-conscious individuals, pregnant women, infants, young kids, diabetics, autistic patients, and lactose-intolerant people – basically each one of us – camel milk is swooping down in the Indian markets very soon, and there’s not even a single valid reason why you must refrain from consuming it.

Are you all set to bid adieu to your regular milk and protein shakes and try the humped beverage, then? Straight from the state-of-the-art camel-milking facility at the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (CVRL) in Dubai come four varieties of flavored milk powder and the good old plain variant. Take your pick and say, “Hoof!”


The claims made on this page about camel milk and its potential benefits are based on research, studies, laboratory testing, and customers’ experiences. It should not be considered as medical advice.