Camel Milk – A Complete Meal

For all your health and fitness needs!

Wonder milk with all essential nutrients that offer a complete meal, just right for all your health needs

A superfood enriched with essential nutrients that help you manage weight and fitness in one go!
If you are looking for a super food for weight management and overall fitness, Camelicious fits right into your plans. Camel milk is a super food because it is a power house of nutrients that offset their caloric intake and are high in antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, fiber or protein. That’s not all, it has 50% less fats as compared to your favorite milk, is naturally probiotic, easier to digest as it has higher water content compared to other types of milk and so far there are no known allergies to camel milk. So whether your aim is to lose weight or gain weight or just be fit at any age, you will be part of the global community reaping the benefits of this wonder milk. Camelicious camel milk is a rich source of immunity building vitamin C (3.5 times more than others), iron, calcium, minerals, proteins making it a complete and nutritious meal suitable for any diet plan. It’s also great for lactose intolerant people. Camelicious camel milk has a refreshing light flavor and even adapts well to your sweet and savory cravings of kheer and paneer! Its natural goodness is so good for you – that you will fall in love with it!

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Vitamin C - The Vital Vitamin

Camel milk is high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber or protein and offers protection against range of disorders like diabetes, autism, digestive problems and food allergies. Although Camelicious camel milk is enriched with many such invaluable nutrients, Vitamin C stands out as its star component. We need on an average 75 – 90 milligrams of vitamin C on daily basis. Citrus fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin c but prolonged storage, cooking, steaming can reduce this content. Camelicious camel milk contains (35 mg/l) 3.5 times vitamin C which is not lost in storage or processing.  Here’s why Vitamin C is important for you!

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Why we love this amazing source of Vitamin!

Although the scientific community is still researching the exact contribution of Vitamin C for a healthy body, it has been known to offer protection against the following

Camelicious camel milk contains lanolin which is a natural and organic chemical that is mainly known for its moisturizing effects on the skin. The natural moisturizing properties in camel milk have a soothing and calming effect on your skin. Just apply some on your face, allow it to dry and wash off. You will find your skin softer to touch.

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The Superfood for Weight Watchers and Weight Lifters!

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Brand Camelicious was established by EICMP after exhaustive research into benefits of camel milk. Camelicious Dubai facility operates with ultra – modern technology & infrastructure and follows HACCP standards. It is also home to more than 4200 + camels.  Camelicious camel milk is  beneficial to people suffering from Diabetes, Lactose Intolerance, ASD, TB, Cancer while its high nutrient content of Calcium, Protein, Vitamin & Iron  is great for pregnant women and children .