Never skip your New Year Resolutions again!

What is the toughest thing in the world to do? Waking up at the first ring of your alarm bell isn’t the toughest, we’re afraid. And no, adding squats or crunches to your workout is not tough enough, nor is abstinence from shopping. Imagine something even tougher… Perhaps sticking to your New Year Resolutions for the whole year!

Remember the essay you wrote in school titled, “My New Year Resolutions for …”? Do you remember how long you stuck to them? Yes, we were kids at one point of time, but who can win the war against the post-Christmas festivities and the lack of willpower triggered by winters (that act pretty villainous at times!)

Guys, fret not! New Year’s round the corner and there is still some hope for humanity’s obsession with New Year Resolutions to turn into something truly productive. Let’s help you defeat the willful intentions of these tempting winters.

Read along for some of the coolest New Year Resolution hacks to emerge all-victorious in 2016!

#1. Identify your Opponents

Remember when they said, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”? We have every single reason to believe those wise words, which were uttered by some epitome of wisdom. We all have hard personal battles to fight, but to not even know what you’re fighting against could be a massive disaster.

It is time to dig deep into your scared little souls and look for the answers to ‘Why do my New Year Resolutions Fail’ and ‘Where do I go wrong’. Some of the most common reasons why New Year Resolutions fail include:

  • Ditching the ‘slow and steady’ approach for a ‘I WANT IT ALL NOW’ mentality
  • Lack of preparedness with improper prioritization
  • Over-thinking, under-performing
  • Not enjoying your resolutions
  • Evading motivation by not tracking progress
  • Not setting the ‘What’s and ‘Why’s of your Resolutions

Can you relate to any of the above? If not, dig deeper… until you find the right answers!

Once you identify the true enemies that bring you down, you can hit them harder with stronger motivation and will-power. You know yourself the best, and it is time to now prove it!

#2. Burn your Bridges & Your Boats

You make a resolution to ditch calories, but your refrigerator is stocked with every decadent offering the Universe could offer! The central reason why only 40% of us actually stick to our goals is this… We refuse to put ourselves in a situation from where we can’t go back.
It is time to ditch this outlook and make a way to stick to your commitments. If you’re planning to quit smoking, ditch the alluring ashtrays first. Likewise if you intend to quit your evening drink, gift your exquisite collections to someone else (who hasn’t made similar commitments 🙂 )

#3. Treat yourself to a well-deserved reward

The problem with most of our New Year Resolutions is the lack of seriousness they are accompanied with. It is imperative to plan in advance and treat yourself to a well-deserved reward. Chalk out a plan for how you’d attain your New Year goal. It is even better to write your plans so that you can get back to reading what you’ve accomplished till now.

Divide your 52 weeks into a desired number of time intervals in such a way that there is an amazing reward you reserve for yourself at the end of every successful interval. This would motivate you and help you stick to your resolutions better.

Ensure that the rewards you reserve for yourself are distributed in such a way that you have the maximum motivation at the start. Once you’re able to keep up your resolution for a desired period, you’d end up cultivating a productive new habit you’d be super proud of!

#4. Anticipate Problems & Research for Simpler Ways

It is essential to anticipate problems and plan ahead. You would need to consider the plausible spoilers that can obstruct your way. It is not easy to change your lifestyle all at once, but you can make meaningful changes that are easy to keep with minimum roadblocks. This is particularly important if you’re just learning to keep up goals.

You may have considered getting in shape as a surprise for your girlfriend. Are you working in the right direction? Have you incorporated a fitness regime that can help you defeat problems that can arise in future?  Ask yourself such questions and think of simpler hacks to get fit without much tribulation.

Sometimes, it is wiser to add a good habit to your lifestyle that takes care of most of your fitness goals. You may have made innumerable resolutions comprising of arduous tasks or eluding some of the most self-indulgent food items. Planning ahead with proper research can be extremely useful in helping you keep your New Year Resolutions.

#5. Camel Milk – THE BEST Solution for Your Fitness, Health & Beauty Goals!

How about forgetting the hard labour once for all, and vowing to include a nourishing superfood to your diet? Camel milk could be the perfect answer to all your fitness goals, without too much struggle. Isn’t it a lot simpler to get into shape by consuming a probiotic beverage with miraculous healing properties? Camel milk is indeed a super-food, power-packed with immune-boosters, proteins, calcium, iron and natural forms of insulin.

Research has shown that this Camelicious milk has natural properties that work wonders for people suffering from autism, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, osteoporosis, Lyme disease and eczema. You can also stop worrying about getting into shape, as with its 50% less fat content compared to your regular milk, camel milk can help you shed those extra pounds easily. Studies have indicated how camel milk can make your skin glow and smoothen the fine lines.

Perseverance is indeed, the key to success but what if you find the master-key to better health with lesser efforts? We’d have grabbed this amazing opportunity a long time back, if you ask us. So what are you waiting for? Let’s welcome this New Year with a dash of beauty, good health and nutrition.

Bid adieu to those Herculean resolutions and opt for a Camelicious camel milk solution that takes good care of your fitness goals!

What are your New Year Resolutions for the year ahead?

Planning to try something different? We’d be all ears to know your New Year Resolution stories.

Get in touch with us anytime, and let us know if you need our assistance for any of your health resolutions!


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