Deskercise to Get in Shape – Your New Exercise Regime at Your Desk

With overtly busy life styles and our tendency of bringing work to home; our current lifestyles leave very little room for exercise. But you know, along with your food and sleep you also need some physical activity to keep your mind and body fit and healthy.

The best way to cope up with this problem is – Deskercise! Get in shape, burn those calories and do some moves and shakes at your very own work desk! Let’s see some simple exercises that you can manage in between your hectic work schedules.

The Versatile Split Squat JumpS


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Have you been sitting at one place for too long? It is time to relax those muscles and stretch a little. As the picture illustrates, step the right feet back with your feet being hip-width apart and balance on the edge of your feet. Now lower into a lunge and then jump up as if you are celebrating something big! Again lower into a deep lunge with the left feet behind and right feet ahead. Repeat this exercise for 5-6 times. And get back to your spreadsheets!

The Inconspicuous Seated Leg Raiser


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You can do this exercise without anyone noticing you doing it. Below the desk, just raise one of your legs and keep the leg in air for 10 seconds. Then get the lifted leg down without letting it touch the floor. Repeat for the other leg. Alternate the raising between left and right leg for 10 times. Add crunch to your work post this exercise!

The Modified Wall Push Up Exercise


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Try this one arm push up as shown in the figure. Don’t forget to keep your body in a flat straight line from the head to the toe for the perfect arm push up. Repeat this with alternate hands with a set of 10 each.

The Perfect Posture for Your Body


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They say half your workout is done if you maintain a proper posture while sitting for long duration in front of your computer. Make sure you are practicing safe desk ergonomics by ensuring your chair height is at a suitable length enabling your feet, hips, and arms to be at 90-degree angles to the floor. This arrangement will help you keep your back straight to help you get rid of those nagging back aches. Slouching is a big no-no and hence avoids it at all times!

The Wall Sit on an Imaginary Chair


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Why sit on a chair when you can sit with the help of a wall? The wall sit is a great way to conduct your meetings! Make sure your knees are directly above your ankles and always keep your back straight. Try to sit in this position for a minute and then you can get on the real chair!

These simple deskercises will ensure that you are on your toes always, helping you to relax and stretch all the body parts which tend to get rigid with all the sedentary work we do today.

We would love to hear your deskercise tips, please comment below with your exercise regime at your work place? If you think your colleagues, friends or spouse needs to start deskercising, share this blog with them to get them started for a healthy life!