About Camel Milk

Why should camel milk be part of your meal?

Camel milk is naturally pro –biotic healthy milk which encourages the growth of good bacterial in the gut. It is easy to digest and is an excellent source of calcium, minerals, vitamins, iron and a natural form of insulin. Best of all it contains a meagre 110 calories per serving. This makes Camel Milk a perfect accompaniment for every meal. We request you to refer to more illuminating research conducted on benefits of camel milk available on Camelicious Website.

What are the key ingredients of Camel milk?

  • Camel milk contains protein (especially casein), higher percentage of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, iron and copper, and less whey protein, lactose and zinc.
  • Immunity boosting Vitamins C,Vitamin A, D, C, B1, B2& E.
  • It offers an excellent balance of essential amino acids as well as essential fatty acids.
  • lysozome and lactoferrin (antimicrobial agents) and disease-fighting immunoglobulins are also found in camel milk
  • Last but not the least, camel milk contains approximately 52 micro units per ml of insulin, which helps to reduce insulin dependence and maintain glycemic control in Type 1 diabetes.

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What is the Difference between Camel milk and Cow milk?

Camel milk has approximately 50% less fat content compared to cow’s milk as well as a higher percentage of healthy fats, which help in reducing cholesterol and maintaining healthier cardio-vascular function. It is 3-5 times richer in immune boosting vitamin C as compared to cow’s milk and contains more calcium as well.  For more information please visit here.

How’s the taste of the camel milk?

Just like milk but with a hint of salt.

How do I make liquid milk from camel milk powder?

To achieve a well-blended mixture, first put the required amount of water in the container then add the powder. 1 table spoon of powder equals 10gs; therefore 2 tablespoons of powder mixed into 180 ml of water makes 1 glass of whole camel milk (200 ml). Do refer to the instructions on the back of the pack for more details.

Why is camel milk so expensive?

Camels don’t give lot of milk, so what they do give is precious. They give milk only when they have a baby and lactation lasts from 10 months to over a year. Milking camels (cows) produce around 5-6 liters or so a day only.

In what forms is camel milk available? What is the best form?

Camel milk comes in fresh,frozen and powdered form. There is no difference in taste between the powdered, fresh or frozen milk as they are identical in both taste and in nutritional value.

Is camel milk natural?

Yes. Camel milk is completely natural.

Can I refreeze my camel milk?

Yes you can freeze camel milk and defrost it when you require.

Do I need to keep my camel milk refrigerated?

Yes, camel milk should be refrigerated below 40 degrees Fahrenheit before and after opening to preserve the highest quality and taste.

Is camel milk thicker than other milk?

No, camel milk is thinner and less viscous than milk of cow, buffalo, sheep, goat, yak etc,  but when milk is shaken it become frothy and looks thicker.

Can other Milk products be made from camel milk?

Yes,  camel milk has been  used  and enjoyed in – Tea, Coffee, Flavored milk, Fermented milk, pasteurized milk, Kulfi, Cheese, Paneer, Mawa, Gulabjamun, Barfi, Rasgulla, Peda and milk powder

Is camel milk safe for children allergic to bovine milk?

Yes, camel milk protein compositions are very close to human milk and it does not produce allergy in children. So it is considered safe for children allergic to bovine milk.  Do refer to the specific research on anti-allergic effect of camel milk available on Camelicious Website.

Is camel milk safe for people suffering from lactose-intolerance?

Yes, Camel milk contains lactose which isof a non-allergic variety, making it safe for lactose intolerant people. However Camelicious does notrecommend consumption by infants.  Number of research studies have been conducted which support this claim. We request you to refer to some studies available on Camelicious Website for more information.

Does powder milk, freshand frozen milk differ in taste?

Powdered, fresh or frozen camel milk all taste great and all taste the same.

Is the nutritional value of powdered milk less than other forms?

No, powdered milk has the same nutritional value as other forms. The only difference is that powdered milk has had the water removed from it and is easier to store.

What else can I do with camel milk apart from drinking it?

Camel milk is very versatile and works well with  tea, coffee, milkshakes, hot chocolate, baking, ice creams, Indian sweets like kheer, gulabjamuns, halwa etc.  Basically it can replace cow milk in any preparation.

What is the shelf life of the fresh, frozen and powdered milk?

The fresh milk has a shelf life of 15 days, the frozen milk has an expiry date of ten months from the day it is frozen and the camel milk powder has a shelf life of one year, although once opened the pack should be consumed within a week.

Are there any studies done on effects of camel milk?

Yes number of studies have been done on benefits of camel milk.  All research studies are available on Camelicious website.

How much camel milk can I consume in a day?

As much as you wish! There is no limit on how much you can consume.

About Camelicious

Does Camelicious sell camel milk in other parts of the world?

Camelicious dairy products are currently sold in UAE and exported to Kuwait, Jordan, UK, Austria,Russia and Malaysia. Please click on the link for recent updates on Camelicious

Tell me more about brand Camelicious and where it is located?

25 years ago Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (CVRL),Dubai initiated an extensive research on benefits of camel milk. On completion of the research in 2003,  Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products was established(2006) and brand Camelicious was born to take the high quality products to markets in UAE and rest of the world. Today EICMP facility is one of the most sophisticated milking plants in the world. It has superior state- of- art technology and specialized equipment for milking camels. Camelicious products are peerless not only because of the technology but also because of the absolute care given to camels. EICMP facility has EU export approval and follows HACCP production procedures. Do visit Camelicious Website for a virtual tour of the facility.

Where are Camelicious products processed / packaged?

Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products (EICMP) set up a fully integrated and advanced  milk productionfacilityin Dubai in 2006. To ensure freshness and quality of the products, theprocessing facility is housed within the camel farm. Latest technology, infrastructure and utmost care of the camels has ensuredEU export approvedfor the  4000+ camels presently housed at the camel farm. CameliciousIndia sourcesits products from this facility.

Please visit the link for a virtual tour of the facility

Placing orders

What are the delivery charges?

Delivery charges will depend on delivery location in India and the order (quantity). Please refer to the checkout page on Camelicious India website for more information on delivery charges.

How soon will I get the delivery once I place the order?

Please refer to the products page for more information on delivery schedules.

Do you offer cash on delivery option?

We request you to refer to the payments option on products page.

In what quantities are Camelicious products available?

CameliciousIndia products are presently available in standard 500gms and 1 kg packs.  However for bulk or customized orders please contact us on www.camelicious.in

What is the minimum quantity I must buy?

Please refer to products page on Camelicious India website for more information on available quantities. For queries or customized orders please contact us on……

Do you offer sample or trial packs?

CameliciousIndia products are presently available in standard 500gms and 1 kg packs only.  However for bulk or customized orders please contact us on www.camelicious.in

If I don’t get my delivery will you refund the entire amount?

Yes we would be happy to refund the amount in case you do not receive the order you have placed and paid for.

Can I return the product if I don’t like it?

We are really sorry but it will be difficult for us to accept returns. We sincerely hope you will give camel milk  a chance and enjoy its benefits !