Camel Milk for Diabetes – The Natural Way to a Better Life with Camel Milk

Camel milk has been proved time and again a natural way to cope up with diabetes and keep the sugar level in check. Camel milk for diabetes has been the solution to give your body the insulin intake it needs in the most natural form.

In a recent study, it was estimated that at present India has over 30 million diabetics which is expected to go beyond 80 million by the year 2030. With such terrifying figures, isn’t it important that we take steps today to prevent the future catastrophe? Why not try camel milk for diabetes and see the wonders it does to your body.

The Magical Wand of Anti-Diabetic Effect of Camel Milk

Researchers proclaim that camel milk contains 52 units of insulin per liter, which apparently is more than 60% of the average necessary external insulin administration for type 1 diabetics. The high content of camel milk insulin is one of the crucial anti diabetic agents in camel milk. Consuming insulin via camel milk superfood is anytime a better option than those painful insulin shots, right?

Camel Milk doing wonders in Diabetic Nephropathy

A study conducted on 24 Type 1 Diabetes patients who consumed camel milk along with standardized exercise and standardized diet concluded that “There was a significant improvement in the microalbuminuria (119.48 +/- 1.68 to 22.52 +/- 2.68; p < 0.001) after receiving camel milk for 6 months. A significant reduction in the mean dose of insulin for obtaining glycemic control was achieved (41.61 +/- 3.08 to 28.32 +/- 2.66; p < 0.01). This study was performed to observe the role of camel milk in controlling microalbuminuria levels in type-1 diabetic patients. It was observed that after adding camel milk to the usual regimen an improvement in microalbuminuria was reached (119.48 +/- 1.68 to 22.52 +/- 2.68; p < 0.001). This may be due to good glycemic control or to the direct effect of camel milk.” Also, research says Camel milk has medicinal value too to help you cope with diabetic nephropathy.

Camel Milk enhances your pancreatic function

One of the major complaints which diabetics have is that their pancreas do not function efficiently to process the sugar into its energy components. Camel milk improves the pancreatic function of the body thus enabling the proper breaking down and absorption of blood sugar. A study conducted over 3 months compared the effects of camel’s milk and cow’s milk on a group of diabetic and non-diabetic men. The diabetics who were given camel’s milk, showed a decrease in fasting blood sugar levels and in blood glucose after eating (postprandial glucose). Their average blood sugar levels (HbA1c) were also reduced.

Ease the Wound Healing in Diabetics by Camel Milk Whey Proteins

One of the serious complications of Diabetes is delayed wound healing and the high chances of bacterial infections due to the delayed healing. A study demonstrated that camel whey proteins (WPs) expedite the healing of diabetic wounds by enhancing the immune response of wounded tissue cells and by alleviating some of the diabetic complications.

Camel Milk for Diabetes – The Superfood

Along with insulin, camel milk contains five times more Vitamin C as compared to cow milk. It has very low cholesterol as compared to other milks. Not to forget that camel milk is very easy to digest too. All these properties make camel milk a superfood for diabetes.

Camel milk thus indeed is a great natural supplement for diabetics. Camel milk powder is now available in India at Camelicious and you can buy camel milk powder online. You may think that the camel milk is a little pricey. But the innumerable health benefits it provides, the price cannot do justice to it!

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