Deskercise to Get in Shape – Your New Exercise Regime at Your Desk

With overtly busy life styles and our tendency of bringing work to home; our current lifestyles leave very little room for exercise. But you know, along with your food and sleep you also need some physical activity to keep your mind and body fit and healthy.

The best way to cope up with this problem is – Deskercise! Get in shape, burn those calories and do some moves and shakes at your very own work desk! Let’s see some simple exercises that you can manage in between your hectic work schedules. (more…)

Dubai’s Zest and Flavours Await You in India!

The mystic and glitzy Dubai casts a magic spell on tourists, making them helplessly fall in love with its mystique beauty. Those who are in love with the city can relate with the scathing pain of being far away from the authentic Emirati soul that outshines its gorgeously embellished veneer.

Living in India is indeed beautiful in its own way, but do we have convincing alternatives to some of Dubai’s most cherished elements? Let’s find out!

Read along to know about some Indian offerings to your Dubai vacation blues: (more…)

Never skip your New Year Resolutions again!

What is the toughest thing in the world to do? Waking up at the first ring of your alarm bell isn’t the toughest, we’re afraid. And no, adding squats or crunches to your workout is not tough enough, nor is abstinence from shopping. Imagine something even tougher… Perhaps sticking to your New Year Resolutions for the whole year!

Remember the essay you wrote in school titled, “My New Year Resolutions for …”? Do you remember how long you stuck to them? Yes, we were kids at one point of time, but who can win the war against the post-Christmas festivities and the lack of willpower triggered by winters (that act pretty villainous at times!)

Guys, fret not! New Year’s round the corner and there is still some hope for humanity’s obsession with New Year Resolutions to turn into something truly productive. Let’s help you defeat the willful intentions of these tempting winters.

Read along for some of the coolest New Year Resolution hacks to emerge all-victorious in 2016! (more…)

Does your New Year’s Gift Make a Difference to Your Dear Ones?

It’s the season for gifting and like every year you are doing your best to choose perfect new year gifts for special people in your life and yes, you do have so many of them. These special people are your parents who have been with you forever, your boyfriend or girlfriend who supports you in every endeavor, the special friend with whom you share your secrets and jokes, your kids who mean the world to you and colleagues who make your day at the office…the list goes on! So why is choosing the perfect gift so important? It’s because you want to express your love and care for them. You want to tell them that they hold a special place in your life and that you cherish every moment spent with them. A monumental task but so very important isn’t it? The gift you choose has to say all this and more. (more…)

Camel Milk – A Desert Elixir Transcending to Become the Next Superfood

Despite having no technical definition, super-food has become quite a buzzword in the food and health industry. The association of the term with a number of foods has promoted their sales. So, what are super-foods? These are nutritionally dense food items that augment your overall well-being sans any harmful toxins.

With so many different super-foods available, how to make the right choice? Imagine a deliciously nutritious super-food that lowers your cholesterol, keeps heart diseases at a bay, and has no side-effects. Oh, and did we mention how it keeps you youthfully young? So why not simply stock up on a lifetime supply!

This is no dream. Camel’s milk is the delicious new ingredient to have caught the fancies of Indian market. Justifying camel milk superfood status, camel milk has some of the most amazing health benefits. Read along to know more about the most compelling reasons camel milk is your new super-food: (more…)