Does your New Year’s Gift Make a Difference to Your Dear Ones?

It’s the season for gifting and like every year you are doing your best to choose perfect new year gifts for special people in your life and yes, you do have so many of them. These special people are your parents who have been with you forever, your boyfriend or girlfriend who supports you in every endeavor, the special friend with whom you share your secrets and jokes, your kids who mean the world to you and colleagues who make your day at the office…the list goes on! So why is choosing the perfect gift so important? It’s because you want to express your love and care for them. You want to tell them that they hold a special place in your life and that you cherish every moment spent with them. A monumental task but so very important isn’t it? The gift you choose has to say all this and more.

So have you chosen the right gift?

Here’s an idea for you! This year choose a gift that will not only bring a smile but make a real difference to their lives. Gift the natural goodness of camel milk! It’s not as strange as it sounds! Camel milk is now trending as the hottest health beverage across the globe.

The world over, camel milk is classed as a super food because it is a powerhouse of nutrients but low on calories, making it a perfect diet-mate for everyone. Moreover it is organic, completely natural and there are no known allergies to camel milk. Camel milk is enriched with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber and protein and offers protection against range of disorders like diabetes, autism, digestive problems and food allergies. Last but not the least, this wonder milk has also been known to heal food allergies, gut problems and make the skin soft and supple.

So how can Camel milk make a difference to your dear ones?

Is someone close to you suffering from diabetes for last 3 years and still coming to terms with it?

How can camel milk help? Camel milk contains 52 units of insulin in each liter of milk. Studies have shown regular consumption of camel milk has a positive effect on Type II diabetes patients by reducing the required amount of insulin. It’s the perfect anti-diabetic food and a meal in itself for a busy professional like her. That’s not all, she can also enjoy sweet treats for diabetics made from camel milk now!

A couple you know is ready to welcome their first baby and as first time parents–to-be, they are concerned about calcium intake.

Calcium is very important for both the baby and the mother as it helps build and maintain bones, teeth and ward off diseases like Osteoporosis. Camel milk contains 293 milligrams of calcium per cup and has no known allergies. It’s the perfect New Year gift for a couple— Imagine their relief when all the nutritional needs are taken care of through a single source!

Has your friend’s son been recently diagnosed with Autism?

If so, she would be still learning to live with the differential reality of raising autistic child. Camel milk with its anti-inflammatory and anti-viral qualities has been known to have a positive effect on patients with Eczema, Autoimmune diseases, Autism & Rheumatism. It’s the best gift for autistic child and his parents. Gift her- her son’s comfort and see her real happiness shine!

Does your 16 year old nephew suffer from lactose intolerance?

Camel milk is perfect milk for lactose intolerant people as it contains lactose in concentrations of 4.8% but is easily metabolized by those suffering from lactose intolerance. He can finally enjoy ice-creams, kheer and paneer made from camel milk. Watch his eyes light up while enjoying such simple things in life.

Is your colleague a worried mother because her 5 year old daughter is often sick and misses school?

Camel milk can help improve the child’s immunity as it is 3-5 times richer in immunity boosting vitamin C as compared to regular milk, making her more resistant to disease and of course more regular at school. Just the idea of a healthy child will make your colleague smile radiantly!

Does your best friend make a resolution to lose weight every New Year and get upset when she can’t?

She really wants to eat right and look great for her husband and kids. With 50% less fat content and essential nutrients camel milk can help her keep off the calories yet stay healthy. Camel milk is the best gift for your best friend and her confident smile will be the best gift for her family!

Does your dear uncle, who is a senior citizen, strive to maintain his fitness levels?

He does not believe in artificial supplements to keep up his strength. Camel milk is Natural, organic and nutrient rich food supplement is an ideal fitness mate for him as it will ensure a complete and balanced nutrition so very important at his age. That’s not all camel milk also has higher percentage of healthy fats, which help in reducing cholesterol and maintaining healthier cardio-vascular function.

New Year is just round the corner so step into your Secret Santa shoes today and gift this precious gift of goodness and health to your loved ones! Brand Camelicious from Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products’ (EICMP) is the best camel milk brand in the world and it also has world’s first hi –tech camel milk processing plant. Camelicious Camel Milk is available in India at Camelicious India website. Please visit the website today to buy camel milk online to make a difference!

We would love to know more about your efforts to make a difference to others’ lives and live better. Do connect with us and share your story below.


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