Dubai’s Zest and Flavours Await You in India!

The mystic and glitzy Dubai casts a magic spell on tourists, making them helplessly fall in love with its mystique beauty. Those who are in love with the city can relate with the scathing pain of being far away from the authentic Emirati soul that outshines its gorgeously embellished veneer.

Living in India is indeed beautiful in its own way, but do we have convincing alternatives to some of Dubai’s most cherished elements? Let’s find out!

Read along to know about some Indian offerings to your Dubai vacation blues:

#1. Miss those relaxing, luxury spas? India has them too!

There’s no denying the fact that Dubai’s luxury spas take you onto a sensory journey, replete with rejuvenation and mood boosters. Travellers are indeed spoilt for choice in Dubai, but now you need not fret at all. India is fast becoming a go-to destination for spa lovers.

Whether you crave for a royal spa treatment in the alluring lake settings, or a therapeutic massage set against the soothing Himalayan background, India’s spa offerings have seen a phenomenal growth in recent years. Trying some of the best spa treatments in India to get over Dubai’s exquisite spa offerings could be one of the best things to do!

#2. Can’t make it to the Dubai Shopping Festival 2016? Don’t lose heart!

Saying that Dubai is synonymous to shopping is no overstatement! The Dubai Shopping Festival 2016 with the tagline ‘Unwrap the Exceptional’ will start on New Year’s and run for 32 days. The disappointment is mutual for a large number of Indians who greatly regret not being able to make it to this grand event this year.

Instead of yearning to be a part of Dubai’s glorious shopping festival, why not shop in India at some amazing places! There are multifarious options in India to go shopping. Miss the cheap buys in Dubai’s selective supermarkets? Try thronging the bazaars in India that will surely not let you remain disappointed for too long.

Whether it is about buying souvenirs, Pashminas, spices, ethnic Indian clothing or some gorgeous handicrafts – India has it all!

#3. Worship Dubai as Food-Lover’s Paradise? Here’s Some Heartening News for You!

Dubai is meant to be frequented by foodies who enjoy exquisite eats in sophisticated surroundings. The lip-smacking biryanis cooked in fragrant spices should top the list of must-eat for every traveller. The authentic Shawarma is another inviting highlight of the delicious Dubai cuisine.

If the thought of enjoying the amazing delicacies in Dubai making your mouth water, you can cheer at the thought of grabbing some amazing substitutes in India! India is fast-becoming home to delicious Middle-Eastern food joints. Authentic shawarma is a delight to eat in India, without having to travel to Dubai just to satiate your appetite.

#4. Cherish those Righteous Doorstep Deliveries? Time to Cheer!

One of the most amazing benefits of living in Dubai is the right to doorstep delivery without having to pay any amount. This superb benefit tops the wish-list of most Indians who crave for free of cost doorstep deliveries.

As years progressed, we didn’t realize how digitalization has put us somewhat on par with Dubai when it comes to doorstep deliveries. Online retail in India is growing, and there is an increase in doorstep deliveries sans heavy charges or even tips. This improvised Indian addition can put you back in the best spirits.

#5. Crave for Camel Milk? Welcome to Camelicious India!

Dubai’s healthy obsession for camel’s milk is pretty infectious. India has opened arms to welcome the velvety sweet elixir that has been vouched for by Bedouins for healing internal diseases. With nearly 75% of human population suffering from lactose intolerance, camel milk has come across as a superfood to put an end to most of our health woes.

Every nourishing drop of camel milk, God’s own healing touch, would remind you of the glitzy city of high-rises and shopping malls. The joy of reminiscing best moments of happiness in Dubai while enjoying the wonder drink in your own country is unparalleled.

With every drop of creamy and deliciously sweet camel milk, you can now re-live your best moments in Dubai, while staying in your own country.

These ideas to your Dubai obsession may help you control your desires to vacation at this amazing city. Till then, you do have fresh Camelicious camel milk from Dubai, with love!


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