Camelicious – The World’s Leading Camel Milk Brand Now in India

Often described as the “Ship of the desert”, Camels have been part of the desert nomadic tribe’s culture for ages. Camel herders often survived for days only by drinking camel milk. Camels are of two types -single humped Dromedary or double humped Bactrian. Both are natives to the desert areas of Asia and northern Africa and both are still used as source of meat and milk for the nomadic tribes.

For centuries, raw camel milk has served as a traditional curative among nomads, including Bedouins of Saudi Arabia. Ongoing research in the last decade or so, has thrown light on the benefits of drinking camel milk. In India the nomadic Raikas of Thar Desert have been attracting attention for displaying zero prevalence of diabetes. The Raikas are primarily Camel rearing community often surviving on camel milk in the harsh conditions. That’s not all; even the United Nations recognizes its exceptional nutritional value and supports increased production. According to United Nations, Food and Agriculture Organization, UN (FAO) Market for Camel Milk is growing at is expected to be US $ 10 Billion Dollar.

So, is camel milk good for you?

Yes. Conclusively yes! Camel milk is closest to human milk and therefore more adaptable to human digestive systems. It also has three times the amount of Vitamin C and ten times the amount of antibacterial and antiviral properties found in regular milk. Camel milk is also great for people with diabetes since it contains an insulin-like protein, and is prescribed by the American Association for Diabetes.

According to a local publication(Middle East) ‘Arabian Gazette’, annual sales of camel milk is increasing at an average rate of 15 to 20% worldwide, due to the growing awareness of the additional health properties of camel milk.

Why does camel milk cost more than regular milk?

Camel milk is precious because the camel milk supply is not as much as other ruminants.  Camel only produces about four liters of milk per day as against cows which can give 40 liters. A lot of care and input cost incurred to rear camels on special camel farms, making camel milk more expensive compared to regular milk.

So which is the leading Camel milk brand in the world?

Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products’  (EICMP) brand Camelicious is the best camel milk brand in the  world and  it  also has world’s  first hi –tech camel milk processing plant.

The Chronicles of Camelicious Camel Milk!

It was almost 25 years ago that visionary leaders at Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (CVRL) in Dubai saw the potential in camel milk and initiated detailed research to understand camel milk benefits.

Consequent to the exhaustive research which supported the goodness of camel milk, CVRL set up the Emirates Industry for Camel Milk& Products (EICMP) in 2003 with the sole purpose of taking the benefits of camel milk to the markets. Finally in 2006, first camel milk products entered the UAE markets under the brand name Camelicious.

Quality standards AT Camelicious

Camelicious production facilities

As pioneers in camel milking, EICMP processing facility is the world’s first sophisticated camel milking plant with state- of- art technology, special equipment for milking camels as well as for optimizing the camel milk production. More importantly it is designed keeping in mind the comfort and care of the camels.

Research & Development at Camelicious



The UAE production facility follows stringent regulations (HACCP& ISO 22000) set by Dubai Municipality, EU and other global organizations working for food safety, to maintain the high quality of camel milk.  That’s not all, as leaders of camel milk industry CVRL in coordination with Ministry of Environment and Water, Dubai Municipality is one of the first camel milk production facilities to receive EU commission’s approval to export its products to EU zone.

EICMP was also awarded the Malaysian Halal certification in August 2014. Presently, the camel farm of EICMP is home to more than 4200 camels producing nourishing Camelicious camel milk.

EICMP has also invested in the top-of-the line camel milk research facility, where researchers are working on exploring various health, medicinal and cosmetic benefits of camel milk which will greatly benefit the mankind.

Camelicious camel milk products

Camelicious camel milk comes in different flavors and forms to suit different palates like plain, strawberry, date, saffron and chocolate.

Brand Camelicious also offers number of dairy products like cheeses and ghee. This year in April 2015, Camelicious launched delicious camel milk ice cream which has really taken everyone’s fancy.

Camelicious Camel milk is also available as 100% Natural (Freeze dried) milk powder. Currently, camel milk products from Camelicious are available across UAE, Europe, Malaysia and Asian countries including India and will soon be available in U.S.  Today, armed with the years of research, world class production facility and a visionary leadership, Camelicious is the leading brand name in the Camel milk Industry.

So where can I buy camel milk in India?

Camelicious Camel Milk products are available in India at Camelicious India website to buy camel milk in India

If you would like to know more about camel milk and its benefits, do visit the exhaustive FAQ section on Camelicious India website and get all your queries answered. You can also connect with us here by sharing your thoughts and experiences below.


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 Camelicious – The World’s Leading Camel Milk Brand Now in India
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Camelicious – The World’s Leading Camel Milk Brand Now in India
Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products’ (EICMP) brand Camelicious is the best camel milk brand in the world and it also has world’s first hi –tech camel milk processing plant. So where can I buy camel milk in India? Camelicious Camel Milk products are available in India at Camelicious India website www.camelicious.in