Camel Milk – A Desert Elixir Transcending to Become the Next Superfood

Despite having no technical definition, super-food has become quite a buzzword in the food and health industry. The association of the term with a number of foods has promoted their sales. So, what are super-foods? These are nutritionally dense food items that augment your overall well-being sans any harmful toxins.

With so many different super-foods available, how to make the right choice? Imagine a deliciously nutritious super-food that lowers your cholesterol, keeps heart diseases at a bay, and has no side-effects. Oh, and did we mention how it keeps you youthfully young? So why not simply stock up on a lifetime supply!

This is no dream. Camel’s milk is the delicious new ingredient to have caught the fancies of Indian market. Justifying camel milk superfood status, camel milk has some of the most amazing health benefits. Read along to know more about the most compelling reasons camel milk is your new super-food:

The Answer for Dairy Allergy

A considerable amount of human population suffers from dairy allergies and lactose intolerance, and are advised to refrain from consumption of any dairy products. As a result, they are deprived of healthy nutrition.

If you’re lactose intolerant, here’s your time to say Hello to Camel’s milk! Unlike milk from ruminant animals, camel milk lacks two powerful allergens and has just 2.8% fat. Studies have also shown that camel’s milk is closest to human breast milk, unlike any other animal’s milk. Camel milk contains immune system components that are touted as beneficial for children who are allergic to milk and other dairy products.

Miraculous Healing by Elixir from the Desert!

Deemed as an elixir from the desert, camel’s milk has the miraculous properties that make the Bedouin saying, “Water is soul, milk is life” ring true! Here’s a brief lowdown on some of the effective healing powers associated with camel milk:

Food Allergies and Gut problems

Camel’s milk contains viral and bacterial fighting abilities that boost up your immune system, fighting food allergies and gut problems. The disease-fighting immunoglobulins in camel milk reduce allergic symptoms and relieve you of side-effects.

Natural Anti-diabetic Food

1 liter of camel’s milk contains nearly 52 parts of insulin-like protein, which is easily absorbed and does not coagulate. It is hence, an amazing treatment option for type 1 or type 2 diabetes, as well as gestational diabetes.

Camel milk for Autism

Camel milk is known to benefit people with autism – Time of India. According to a study published in the 2005 edition of ‘International Journal of Human Development’, researchers discovered that autism symptoms in autistic people disappeared after continuous drinking of camel’s milk. It was also observed that several autistic 21 year old who consumed camel milk for two weeks were quieter and less self-destructive.

Nutritional Boost for Immune System

Camel milk is known to control and gradually heal autoimmune disorders such as Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Unlike traditional treatments for autoimmune disorders, camel milk does not suppress the immune system, but boosts it!

Cholesterol-Free Nutrition with Healthy Vitamin dose

Camel milk is an excellent alternative for weight loss, as it contains minimum cholesterol. It is power-packed with essential nutrients, such as vitamins and mineral salts. The healthy set of fatty acids in camel’s milk can improve cholesterol balance in your body. It reduces the bad cholesterol in your body, and hence reduces atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes while reducing blood pressure in regular users.

Low-fat camel milk, comprising of healthy vitamins could be an invigorating beverage that leaves a creamy, healthful taste in your mouth. It is indeed a superfood that is the healthiest option for you – from infancy to old age!

With increased health cognizance, the scenario is fast-shifting in favour of camel’s milk. Wouldn’t it be lovely to enjoy the benefits of this sweet elixir each and every day! Enjoy the Camelicious benefits of this amazing drink by getting in touch with premium camel milk suppliers today.

Do you have amazing stories of how camel milk changed your life for good? If yes, share your camel milk experiences with us through comments below.


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