Camel Milk for Pregnancy – The Goodness of Health and Taste!

Are you pregnant or trying to get pregnant? Are you holding a tiny miracle inside you and constantly worry for its well-being? Do you want the tiny life which is growing inside you to be healthy and hearty always? Is your friend or family member expecting? Are you looking for a great gift for your pregnant co-worker?

Here is a simple solution to put all your stress points at ease during pregnancy – Camel Milk, the Superfood! Camel milk for pregnancy might be the next BIG thing soon.

Let’s find out the health benefits of drinking camel milk during pregnancy and then decide for yourself if camel milk is safe during pregnancy?

Have a Healthy Pregnancy with High Folate Content in Camel Milk

Camel milk is safe for pregnant women as it has high content of folate which is one of the most important camel milk benefits for pregnant women. Folate or as all of us call it folic acid is a vital nutrient required by pregnant women for the healthy development of fetus.

Folate helps in the neural development of the baby. According to the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology Volume 2012, Article ID 593195, folate present in the camel milk can prevent anencephaly, underdevelopment of neural tube as also cleft lip and palate. Since the folate content is in its natural form in camel milk, it also helps prevent diseases related to folate deficiency – Periodontal disease, Pediatric Chron’s disease, Mucosal Candidiasis, Anemia etc.

Strengthen Your Bones during Pregnancy with Wholesome Camel Milk

Camel milk has the highest calcium content as compared to other edible milks. You need more calcium as you are pregnant for the fetus’ overall development. Instead of popping those calcium supplements during pregnancy, have calcium rich food extracting all the calcium that you need in the natural form. So camel milk should be a must in your pregnancy diet. You will notice your vigor to increase by leaps and bounds while reaping the benefits of camel milk in your pregnancy.

Don’t let Infections bother you in your Pregnancy, just Consume Camel Milk

Research shows that camel milk undoubtedly increases one’s immunity to a wide range of infections including salmonella as demonstrated in mice.  Camel milk in pregnancy has widespread benefits for the baby especially improved immunity and development. This is attributed to the fact that camel milk nutrition has higher content of fat, protein particularly casein, Cu, Na, K, P, Ca and Fe. Camel milk also possesses antihypertensive and antibiotic effect to keep the infections at bay. What else do you need in your pregnancy? Simple natural way to stay away from most of the common infections during your pregnancy – drink camel milk.

Camel Milk might ease your Pregnancy Constipation

Camel milk is easier to digest than cow milk as the proteins in camel milk are shorter in composition as compared to cow milk. Constipation is a common occurrence during pregnancies and camel milk might be the answer to get some relief from the irritation.

Camel Milk might be your miracle food to keep Gestational Diabetes in check

According to lead researcher Dr. R.P. Agrawal, 500 ml of raw, fresh camel milk daily improves the lives of diabetics due to an insulin-like protein that is absorbed rapidly and does not coagulate.  A mother in a testimonial said, “I have gestational diabetes and cow’s dairy sends my numbers through the roof, but camels milk keeps me in normal range for long periods, like overnight. It’s helping my son and me both!”

Get yourself pampered and have a healthy pregnancy with camel milk. Wholesome food which will attend to most of your asks during your pregnancy.  If your near and dear one is expecting, share the miracles of camel milk with her or make her cognizant of camel milk benefits by sharing this article with her.

If you are pregnant and have questions regarding camel milk for pregnancy, please leave a comment below. If you have experienced the benefits of camel milk, we would be happy to hear your story – leave a remark below.