Women, bid Adieu to mid-30 blues with Camel Milk!

Are you in your mid 30s and experiencing health issues and are complaining about less energy and vitality? Call it midlife crisis or a psychological perception, but being 30 does affect your mental as well as physical health. With busy lives at work and home, are you struggling to find easier options to restore your valuable health and energy? Then guess what? Here is one such option which will definitely assist you in getting back to your 20s vigor and vitality – ‘Camel Milk’.

Keep reading to know amazing benefits of camel milk for women in 30s..


Have a glass of camel milk and say yes to ‘Wholesome Food’

As your age increases, arises the problem of deficiencies which affects your body and creates hurdles in everyday proper functioning of the body. Camel milk is a wholesome food packed with all the nutrients your body requires for efficient functioning. Also it contains superior nutrition content as compared to cow milk and hence camel milk makes the superlative option to restore your health as well as peace of mind.

Camel Milk Nutritional Information

No more worries about getting tired, have camel milk and say bye-bye to anaemia

According to the National Family Health Survey statistics, every second woman in India is suffering from Anaemia. Anaemia becomes a massive issue as you cross your 30s, the lack of iron making you feel exhausted round the clock. Camel milk has high content of iron and hence is a great option to deal with anemia the organic way instead of consuming processed iron supplements. Iron is an important component of red blood cells, thus making camel milk a vital source to increase your body’s blood circulation and assisting in efficient oxygenation of all organs. Camel milk contains 10 times more iron than cow milk.

Keep your bones strong and sturdy with regular consumption of camel milk

Camel milk contains calcium more than any other milk. Calcium is an important component of your bones and it aids in preventing osteoporosis. Dance and run around your kids with stronger bones by daily consumption of nutritious camel milk.

Worried about common infections? Drink camel milk and strengthen your Immune System

Camel milk has a high level of proteins and other organic compounds which possess antimicrobial property. This antimicrobial ability helps your body to ward off common microbial infections, keeping you healthy inside out.

Tired of using anti-aging products with no effect? Try camel milk which is natural Anti-Aging agentCamel Milk Benefits for Beautiful Skin - Camelicious India

Are you using an array of creams and lotions to get rid of all those wrinkles on your skin? Here is a better and natural way to retain your young looking skin and postponing the wrinkles and aging. Camel milk contains alpha-hydroxide acid which helps smoothen fine lines.

Keep your sugar levels low by camel milk and thus keep Diabetes at bay

Today most of the types of diabetes are treated with insulin injections. In a study conducted by U.Wernery, Bobby Johnson and and W. Tawkif Ishmail – the insulin content was measured in raw milk and serum of individual dromedaries over a period of 310 days The mean milk insulin concentration was 40.5 ± 10.7 µU/ml and the mean serum insulin concentration was 12.77 ± 7.62 µU/ml.

This means camel milk not only helps in improving life style of a diabetic but also helps to keep diabetes at bay by regular consumption of camel milk. Read more research on the anti-diabetic agent of camel milk.

Journal of Camel Practice and Research 12(1), p. 27-35 states that based on their research, camel milk consumption, may therefore, be considered as a useful adjunct to parenteral insulin administration in the management of type 1 diabetes.

So what are you waiting for? Now the ball is in your court – get back to good health and great mood with regular consumption of camel milk – Buy camel milk online now available in India.

Get rid of all the mid 30 blues and say hello to a new exciting life with a glass of camel milk! Don’t cut corners with your health and embrace camel milk which is indeed the best of both worlds!

In case you have consumed camel milk and are reaping the above said benefits, please share your experience below. If you want to know how your health issue can be catered by having camel milk, leave a comment below.


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