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Are you someone who is not sure where to buy camel milk online in India for your loved ones suffering from Autism or Diabetes? If yes, your search for the supply of all natural and 100% pure camel milk ends here, keep reading to find out where to buy camel milk in India…

With more than 67 million diabetics and more than 44 lakh possible patients, India occupies one of the top spots for highest number of diabetics in the world. Autism or ASD too suffers from similar lack of awareness although there are at least 10 million autism patients in India. Needless to say, it is a heartrending and distressing time for these families particularly when it comes to managing patients’ nutritional needs. But help is here and it is in form of the hot new Superfood – Camel milk!

Camel milk is good for diabetes as it contains 52 units of insulin per liter and helps to regulate blood sugar levels. It also takes care of all nutritional needs as it is a complete meal in itself.

Anecdotal and scientific evidence around the world has shown that camel milk positively impacts patients of Autism as it does not contain beta lacto globulin and beta caseins, which can cause allergic reactions in the body.

So what else does this new superfood contain? Let’s find out…

Camel Milk Benefits for You!

To the uninitiated here are some camel milk nutritional facts – one standard cup of camel milk contains approximately 107 calories and 293 milligrams of calcium besides 5.4 grams of proteins and host of other key nutrients like potassium, iron, carbohydrates and vitamins. Research on camel milk has also shown that camel milk is naturally organic, probiotic and has less lactose content, making it great for gut related problems like IBS and lactose intolerance. There’s more, camel milk benefits men focused on bulking up or gaining fitness as it is nutrient rich but calorie deficient.  Camel milk benefits for women include high calcium content necessary at all ages and more particularly during pregnancy. It’s also very kind to your skin as the antioxidants in camel milk like Vitamin C, fight wrinkles while lactic acid makes the skin soft and smooth. That’s not all, with just 2.8% fats it is easier to digest and is a great for staying in shape all year round!

Says Rajeev, an engineer based out of Delhi “My friend from Dubai advised me to drink camel milk for my weak digestion and it has certainly made a difference to me in just a few months”.

Camel Milk is Gaining Popularity in India!

As recent as October 14, 2015 Times of India carried an article on camel milk benefits for autistic children whichCamel Milk Benefits for Beautiful Skin - Camelicious India discussed how camel milk was beneficial for them.  Here is another amazing fact – camel milk production is more than 1,840,201 tons per year globally and countries with highest number of dairy camels include Saudi Arabia,
Somali, Mali and Ethiopia. It was in 2006, in view of its medical value, UN declared camel milk as a superfood which has a positive effect on various types of Cancer, AIDS, TB and many other diseases. Truly a munificent blessing from the desert for us!

Availability of Camel Milk in India!

By now you obviously want to know where to buy camel milk in India and you want the real deal which will make a difference to your life. Camel milk business is booming in Middle Eastern countries and India is also warming up to camel milk benefits.  You can purchase camel milk at Bikaner based premier research center on camels in India “National Research Centre on Camel” (NRCC). The center has been doing its bit to promote awareness on camel milk benefits in India and camel milk sale in India. One of the key mandates of this center is conducting camel milk research for understanding camel milk benefits and increasing camel milk production in India.

Now you will wonder how to buy camel milk in Chennai or Bangalore or purchase camel milk in Mumbai or Pune or just any other city in India! The good news is you can order camel milk in India from just about anywhere!

Where to Buy Camel Milk in India?Buy Camelicious Camel Milk in India

World’s leading camel milk Brand – Camelicious by EICMP, Dubai has recently launched its range of Camel Milk Products like Camel Milk Powder, Camel Milk Ghee, and Camel Milk Cheese for online sale of camel milk in India. So don’t worry, in just a click you can buy camel milk online no matter where you are in India – So go ahead and buy camel milk online!

Just have Fun with Camel milk!

Given its rising popularity, you are justified in wondering why Camel milk price in India is higher than regular milkCamel Milk Hot Chocolate - Camelicious India
. That’s because camel cows produce about 4 liters of milk per day as against cows which can give as much as 40
liters!  However, its price should not stop you from having fun with it! This salty sweet beverage is so versatile that you will enjoy experimenting with it- camel milk makes great paneer, delicious kheer and lip smacking shakes.

Reshmi, a media professional from Mumbai and a regular user of camel milk laughs and says “Although it is difficult to find camel milk in India, I love to use it in mithai and kheer, because it has less fats and I feel less guilty eating it!”

You can enjoy camel milk in different forms like fresh, frozen, flavored or in powder form. Camel milk powder is one of the easiest and most efficient ways of storing and using it over a period of time. Camel milk powder does not lose its nutritional value and is as good as fresh or frozen milk. While scientists all over the world have agreed that camel milk is great for us, you will agree that it is equally important to ensure that camel milk has been processed in absolutely hygienic conditions.

Brand Camelicious camel milk products are a result of world’s first sophisticated camel milking plant with state- of- art technology and stringent regulations (HACCP & ISO 22000) set by Dubai Municipality, EU and other global organizations working for food safety, to maintain the high quality of camel milk. So simply click and buy camel milk online now!

We would love to know more about your experiences with camel milk and how you adapt it to your lifestyle. Do connect with us and share your camel milk story below.