Camel Milk For Autism – Nature’s Gift To Mankind

What does the love-filled heart of a doting parent ache for? Perhaps the delightful laughter of their kid… Or maybe a comforting hug accompanied by “I Love You”? Parents wish for good health and happiness for their kids, and dream to nurture their kids with love and happiness.

While weaving amazing dreams for the future of their kids, the world of parents of nearly 15 million autistic patients in India comes crashing down! No parent is prepared to handle the nightmarish situation where their kids are diagnosed with autism.

Does this painful scenario sound like your own story? If yes, let’s bring the sunshine back into your lives!

Understanding Autism – What Should You Know?

Falling under ‘Pervasive Developmental Disorder’ category, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is an impact of bio-neurological disorder that affects normal brain functions. Want to know more about this much-feared disease? Perhaps our blog on fighting autism with camel milk could help!

Though severity and symptoms for autism vary for every child, some of the common challenges faced include behavioural problems that impact:

  • Communication
  • Social Interactions
  • Relationships
  • Interests in activities
  • Food Consumption
  • Mobility
  • Bowel Moments

Fighting Autism Naturally – What Should You Do?Fight Autism with Camel milk in India

Distressed parents of autistic kids struggle to find answers to “What should I do”. Are you one such despairing parent looking to make life better for your autistic kid? If yes, here’s what you need to do:

Get A Grip On Yourself

Do not despair thinking what would be the course of life for your child. Always remember that your child has an entire lifetime to develop skills and abilities to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life – just as you dreamt of!

Understand Autism & Its Effects On Your Child

Before jumping to conclusions or trying any treatment option, it is important to understand your kid. Do you know what triggers your child’s unusual behaviour? What upsets your child and makes him or her feel uncomfortable? What does your child enjoy and finds calming? Once you become an expert on your child’s behaviour, learn to accept your child. Shower your kid with all your love, and skip comparisons. Your child is special, and deserves all the love in the world!

Behavioral Training & Management for Autism

Autism effects vary from patient to patient. Early diagnosis can help kids with autism develop their potential and enhance their abilities. It is important to choose a structured and specialized treatment that helps your child in a better manner. It would be best to consult a physician who can come up with the best solutions for your child’s behavioral training and specialized therapies.

Camel Milk for Autism – Nature’s Amazing Blessing!

What if you could alleviate the disruptive behaviour of your autistic child with just a glass of camel milk every day? We do have some research to back our point!

An article in the Times Of India states that a study by Baba Farid Centre for Special Children (BFCSC) along with National Research Centre on Camel (NRCC) has revealed that camel milk is beneficial for autistic children.
Principal Scientist Raghvendar Singh even went on to say, “We held exhaustive studies with premier institute like the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, and found that camel milk is positive for children with disorders.”

Here’s How Camel Milk Benefits Autism – CAMEL MILK FOR AUTISM!

Camel Milk is known to be low on fat, cholesterol and lactose, but how can it benefit autism? Here’s a brief lowdown:

Camel Milk for Gut Problems

Autism is often accompanied by gut problems, food allergies and food intolerance. Inability to express effectively holds many autistic kids from communicating the real reason they detest their regular glass of milk derived from ruminants.

Camel milk does not contain beta lactoglobulin, the allergen present in the milk of ruminants. Autistic kids can now derive their regular proteins from a velvety, creamy glass of camel milk. As per recent findings, camel milk can help alleviate food intolerance, allergies, gut problems and inflammation due to autism.

Immunoglobulins from Camel Milk for Autism

Enterocolitis is another dreaded symptom that makes life hell for parents of autistic kids. Lactase deficiency, pancreatic insufficiency and helicobacter pylori infections are other accompaniments of this symptom.

Camels have small immunoglobulins in their blood stream that passes on to their milk enable penetration of dense tissues to reach antigens and spark up positive reactions on the whole. This leads to a positive impact on kids with autoimmune diseases, making camel milk a must for autism!

Reduced Oxidative Stress With Camel Milk

Studies have shown that neuro-developmental disorders, including autism, are an outcome of oxidative stress. In order to inhibit the impact of oxidative stress, it is important to choose a healthy superfood such as camel milk.

As nature’s healthy offering, camel milk is low on fat, cholesterol and lactose but has a greater percentage of minerals and other essential nutrients. In addition to being a heart-healthy beverage that is low on fat and cholesterol, camel milk can also help autistic patients who suffer from various medical conditions.

Fighting Autism With Camel Milk

With a glass of camel milk, you can bid adieu to annoying conditions such as allergies, asthma, epilepsy, digestive disorders, viral infections, etc. that slow your child down. All across the globe, people who tried camel milk for autism experienced amazing results!

With nature offering us its exquisite goodness in the form of superfoods, isn’t it our duty to do our bit for the society? The smallest gesture and intention counts… You can bring a smile into the lives of parents and kids battling autism by sharing this post with them.

Isn’t camel milk a true elixir nature has bestowed upon us? Buy camel milk online to fight autism and embrace the amazing benefits it has to offer!

Did camel milk bring happiness in your life? Spread the cheer by sharing your camel milk for autism stories with us, through your comments.


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